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Yoga & Nature Retreat

A transformative journey that transcends the ordinary. A nourishing yoga and nature retreat for yogi(ni)s at all levels

June 13th - June 16th, 2024

August 1st – August 4th, 2024
September 26th – September 29th, 2024


Ananda Forest, Spain

Person near waterfall

The Course

Welcome to a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary – our enchanting yoga retreat, where tranquility meets transformation amidst the embrace of nature's beauty.


Here, in the heart of beautiful landscapes and surrounded by the gentle whispers of the wilderness, we invite you to embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery, consciousness, connection, holistic health and wellbeing.


Step away from the demands of modern life and immerse yourself in a sanctuary where yoga practice, meditation, and nature converge to create an experience that will energise and awaken your body and spirit. Join us on this path of freedom and connection, where each breath intertwines with the rhythm of nature, and every pose guides you towards a deeper state of harmony and inner peace.

This retreat is open for both
beginners in yoga, as well as for more advanced practitioners. The program of the retreat will be tailor fit to the needs and wishes of the group. 


What is this retreat about?

  • Deepen in yoga and meditation

  • Learn authentic yoga from very experienced yoga teachers

  • Experience how transformation and tranquility go hand in hand

  • Reconnect with the beauty of nature and rejoice in silence, intertwined with the sounds of birds and crickets

  • Discover the magic of the Alpujarra Mountains and enjoy silence enriched by the sounds of nature

  • Connect to like-minded people that foster similar values and aspirations


A glimpse into a day of this retreat

Yoga and nature

Symbol of person in yoga stance

Good morning

Imagine starting your day with a gentle sunrise yoga session.


The yoga shala is set amidst the serene beauty of nature, surrounded by ancient olive trees and the soothing sounds of birds and crickets. Practicing yoga with the simplicity of the natural environment encourages you to disconnect from the noise of daily life and reconnect with your inner Self.


After yoga, you can nourish your body and delight your senses with a delicious breakfast that will be waiting for you.

Throughout the day, you'll have the chance to explore the picturesque surroundings. Join excursions and walks in nature, allowing you to experience a profound sense of peace.


After a delicious lunch, there will be free time to rest, simply be, or do whatever you truly feel inspired to.

Studying Program Icon

Peaceful afternoon

Evening Workshops icon

Evening workshops

In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to join us for another yoga class or workshop.


Depending on the needs of the group, we will offer different workshops like:

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Bhajans (singing circle)

  • Pranayama (breathwork)

  • Yin Yoga

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Meditation

  • Integral Hatha Yoga



Ananda Forest offers different options for accommodation. We are providing a space that is physically and energetically clean and uplifting.


Apart from your selected accommodation, you have access to the beautiful shared living area and gardens.


The cabin and glamping tent(s) have all the necessary items provided: a comfortable bed, sheets, blankets, pillows, closets, towel, etc.

Your Teachers

Our team of teachers are all very dedicated, experienced yogis who have found for themselves the deep transformation that yoga has brought and continues to bring on all levels. Each of us has their special skill, knowledge and passion to share. Together it is our wish to lift each other up and to pass on inspiration, skills and wisdom from different angles and approaches. 

Besides Floris and Pauline, a guest teacher might join to share his/her light. 


Floris Adriaenssens

Yogi / Meditator / Co-founder / Certified by Yoga Alliance


Paulina Gostomski

Yogi / Meditator / Co-founder

/ Certified by Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500HR

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 15.07.52.png

The Cuisine

Food on a plate

Let food be your medicine!

All meals are included and prepared with great care. We serve healthy, delicious, nutritious, and well-balanced vegan meals (an option for eggs may be available). The ingredients are locally-sourced, where possible organic and home-grown when available. Resulting in nutritious raw, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

Our chef will show you how to give yourself what you are craving, without giving in to unhealthy habits. For example, sharing delicious raw cake recipes and healthy raw chocolate and probiotic foods.

We are happy to accommodate the needs of guests with allergies to particular foods and often prepare gluten and dairy-free meals – all served with love!

We can see this retreat as a wonderfully gentle way to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, your body will be renewed in several ways. Please write to us if you have any special needs so that our chefs can take care of.

Practical Information

Hand in jnana mudra
  • When:  
    June 13th - June 16th, 2024

    August 1st – August 4th, 2024
    September 26th – September 29th, 2024


  • Price:  

  • €400 

           Private glamping tent

          Shared glamping tent (2 people max) or
          Shared cabin (3 people max) 
          Camping with own tent & bedding or sleeping bag

  • Includes:
    3 vegan meals a day & tea and fruit at any time, 3 days of classes, workshops, accommodation, pick-up and drop-off from Órgiva busstop

  • Language:

Necessary pre-requisites

Sunset with moon
  • Dedication, openness, and willingness to transform and learn

  • To be relatively healthy in body and stable in mind. If you have any major injury or disease, significant depression or psychological imbalance, or are on medication, please inform us about it. We keep it strictly confidential and will talk together to see if this program is suitable for you or not and on how we can support you

Mountain view

In nature's embrace, I find my way,

Through yoga and meditation, I sway.

Breathing deep, a tranquil art,

Confidence blooms from the heart.


Mountains tall and rivers wide,

Teach me to flow, to let worries slide.

With each pose and mindful breath,

I discover strength, conquering doubt's death.


In silence, I discover inner grace,

A calm oasis in life's bustling pace.

With nature, yoga, and confidence, aligned,

I find my center, a treasure defined.

Application Form

What a delight to hear you plan to join this retreat! Fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you within one working day.

Om nama Shivaya

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