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MAY 9TH -  JUNE 7TH, 2024

Graduated yoga teachers

Through this course you will...

  • Enhance your yoga/meditation practice, state of consciousness, and learn in depth about yogic vision and philosophy.

  • Feel deeply transformed, inspired and tuned in with your Self/Essence through a meditative approach of Integral Hatha yoga.

  • Receive a RYS 200 Yoga Alliance Certificate, recognized and accepted worldwide, and learn all the necessary skills to become an inspiring and authentic Yoga teacher.

  • Open up for new professional opportunities by teaching yoga and meditation.

  • Be trained by very experienced and dedicated teachers.

RYS 200 Yoga Certificate
YACEP Yoga Certificate
People practicing a yoga stance

Authentic high-quality yoga classes

Learn all the necessary tools to start teaching authentic high-quality yoga classes, develop a well-grounded vision in Yogic philosophy, Self-Awareness, and enjoy a 1-month deep dive into Your true essence and Nature 

What others say about us

YTTC Testimonials 2021

YTTC Testimonials 2021

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"Paulina and Floris are 110% available to support you during this Yoga Teacher Training (and beyond). For me, this has been an amazing journey, filled with all the necessary tools to develop my yoga practice and skills as a teacher: alignment, sequencing, different meditation techniques, yogic philosophy, anatomy,...forever grateful for you both!"

Ilse Raps, 2019

About this Yoga Teacher Training

Person meditating

Have you experienced the sweet flavour and deep transformation that comes from practicing yoga?Do you wish to take it to a next level by starting to teach yoga?

Taking this step to become a yoga teacher has helped already many people to commit to a yogic lifestyle, serve others by sharing skills, knowledge, presence and wisdom and open for new professional directions in life.

We all have a teacher inside the heart, waiting to be listened to, a flame ready to be kindled.

Person in yoga pose at waterfall

This teacher training is an opportunity for sincere yoga practitioners to deepen their practice and to learn all the necessary tools to start teaching themselves and to pass on the ancient science and art of yoga, adapted to modern circumstances.

Hatha Yoga will be thought of in its holistic form with an understanding of the main yogic branches. The aim of Hatha yoga is to align the body, mind, and spirit, to free ourselves from blockages that will result in healing, to cultivate awareness, and ultimately to open up for Self-Realisation.

At the end of the training, you will all be able to give a full integral Hatha yoga class and have the necessary philosophical background and understanding of the mechanisms of yoga. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification that is registered with Yoga Alliance and has international credibility.

People sitting in a yoga pose


  • Stay 30 days in Ananda forest and enjoy its natural beauty and peaceful energy

  • Immerse yourself in authentic and transformative teachings and practice

  • Learn and start teaching Integral Hatha yoga: authentic yoga, rooted in the tradition and adapted to modern needs

  • Be supported by and become part of a supportive yoga community

  • Become a certified yoga teacher and open up to new professional directions 

  • Be guided by yoga teachers with many years of experience in practice and teaching

  • Personal guidance and support

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training
Studying Program

What will you learn in this course?

Symbol of person in yoga stance

Integral Hatha Yoga

  • Hatha yoga practice that evokes a natural meditative state

  • Building an authentic, harmonious sequence​ adapted to various needs and groups

  • Learn Alignment of postures and adjustments

  • Fine-tune and upgrade your practice of Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas

Symbol of hand with spiral as palm

Teaching methodologies

  • How to use verbal and body language​

  • Transmitting presence, calmness, strength and peace

  • Adapting to various groups and situations

  • Tools on how to be successful in promoting and advertising your classes

Symbol of hand thumb touching index finger


  • Traditional Chakra Sadhana (practice)​

  • Breath awareness

  • Self-inquiry

Symbol of person integrated into nature


  • Learn about contra-indications and benefits of Yoga practices and understand how they work

  • Appy knowledge of muscles, tendons and spinal cord reflexes to go deeper in Asana, Pranayama, and relaxation

  • Understand better the magic of your own body 

Symbol of stones balancing

Yogic philosophy

  • Yoga sutras of Patanjali​

  • Yamas and Niyamas (moral codes of conduct)

  • Branches of Yoga

  • History of Yoga

  • Tantra, Vedanta and Samkhya

  • Going beyond dogma

  • Explore the nature of mind and consciousness 

Symbol of circles within circles

Mantra Yoga & Bhajans

  • Experience the ancient power and inner stillness through mantra repetition

  • Open your voice to Divine melodies and songs in our weekly Bhajans/Kirtan

Daily Schedule

Hatha yoga
Karma yoga
20:00 - 20.30 - 21:30
Meditation or workshop