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Amaratva yoga teacher training

Yoga is a dive into the unknown, our essence beyond mind. Yet, I guess you want to know more about this course and what it is about... 


Amaratva Yoga Teacher training

Have you experienced the sweet flavour and deep transformation that comes from practicing yoga? Do you wish to take it to a next level by starting to teach yoga? Taking this step to become a yoga teacher has helped already many people to commit to a yogic lifestyle, serve others by sharing skill, knowledge, presence, and wisdom and be open to new professional directions in life. We all have infinite wisdom inside the heart, waiting to be listened too, the potential for healing, a vital body, and mind, a flame ready to be kindled. 

This Yoga Teacher Training is a deeply transformative and empowering journey of self-discovery. All this, while you learn to teach an authentic and high-quality yoga/meditation class and hold space. You will learn to teach in your authentic style, grounded in the wisdom of Yogic philosophy and with an understanding of body, mind, and spirit. Further, Yoga will be thaught as a living philosophy, a way of life. Teachings include studying classical Yogic scriptures, philosophical systems, anatomy, ayurveda, and much more.


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What is Integral Hatha yoga and how will it be thaught?

Yoga will be taught in its holistic and traditional form with an understanding of the main yogic branches and philosophy, while being adapted to modern needs. Any system that doesn't breath or evolve loosens it's efficiency and power. Yet, the art and science of yoga has been refined for thousands of years and keeping in tune with this tradition is very powerful. 


The aim of Integral Hatha yoga is to align the body, mind, and spirit, to free ourselves from blockages that will result in healing, to cultivate awareness, and ultimately to open up for Self-Realization. At the end of the training, you will all be able to give a full integral Hatha yoga class, and have the necessary philosophical background and understanding of the mechanisms of yoga. In Integral Hatha yoga, our entire being is involved and channeled towards its source: the Self. Mastering asanas and obtaining vitality, strenght and flexibility is not a goal in itself. It is rather a means so that the awakened energy can joyfully become a channel towards awakening to the Unity of being.

Over the last 12 years, we have learned yoga from different traditions and styles. We have learned from great yoga teachers in India, Mexico and Europe. These include Bihar School of Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Hridaya yoga. Instead of working with a fixed set of Asanas, we work with an open system in which you will learn how to make an harmonious, authentic, and well-aligned sequence, adapted to different people and situations.​ We carefully selected and combined the aspects of these lineages and styles that resonate the best and that we know have been working wonderfully for us and many of our students.

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