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Earth Woman
Naked Yoga and Meditation Retreat

"Each time women gather in circles together, the world heals a little bit more."

August 15 – August 19, 2024

Ananda Forest, Spain


The Course

Welcome to our retreat, a sanctuary where women are invited to embrace their true selves without inhibition. Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of the Spanish countryside, imagine a space free from judgment, where the essence of femininity is celebrated through yoga, meditation, and connection with nature. Here, we foster a culture of acceptance, nourishing both body and soul with wholesome food, supportive sisterhood, and empowering practices. It's important to note that our retreat is dedicated solely to non-sexual practices, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all. Join us in rediscovering the joy of simply being, surrounded by the healing power of nature and the warmth of community.

Naked: return to our natural state

The word 'nudity' is likely to provoke intensive feelings in us. These may include fear, a sense of freedom, shyness, sexual arousal or disgust, or many more. We were born naked and will leave this earth again naked. Daring to be naked is to dare to be vulnerable and let go of conditionings and limiting beliefs. This retreat can be an opportunity to facilitate this process. And once we go beyond all of this, we can experience a very natural feeling of being free, innocent and connected with nature, ourselves and each other. It is this original state of being that we like to reawaken and through which we can celebrate life. You are welcome in this safe space of freedom. 

As this experience is about letting go and freedom, we will never force anyone to be naked. It is simply a space in which it is encouraged and welcome to be who you are in body, personality and spirit.


Here are some of the highlights 

  • Nurturing Yoga practices, helping us connect to the body and breath

  • Meditations that connect us to our hearts and wombs  

  • Sharing circles - a safe space to be vulnerable  

  • Singing circles - a space to sing or listen to song together  

  • Dance 

  • Healthy simple food to nourish the body

  • Beautiful warm climate  

  • Stunning nature 

  • Simplicity in living

  • Peaceful surroundings 

  • Safe space to be free

  • A trip to the local waterfall


A glimpse into a day of this retreat

Peace, Simplicity and Nature


Good morning

Imagine waking up to the melodious songs of birds, enveloped by the quiet embrace of nature's beauty.


The day starts with nourishing sessions of yoga and meditation, setting the tone for a harmonious journey ahead.


Following a fulfilling practice, a healthy breakfast awaits, replenishing both body and spirit for the adventures that lie ahead.


In the afternoon, a nurturing workshop awaits, offering profound opportunities for self-reflection and connection. This is followed by another healthy meal.


Additionally, there is ample free time, providing moments for personal exploration and relaxation among the day's enriching activities.


Good afternoon


Evening workshops

In the evenings, you'll have the opportunity to join us for another rejuvenating yoga class or workshop. Tailored to the group's preferences and needs, our diverse workshops may include:

- Yoga Nidra

- Singing Circle

- Pranayama

- Yin Yoga

- Meditation

- Integral Hatha Yoga

- Sharing Circle


And of course, this enriching experience concludes with yet another delicious meal to nourish both body and spirit.



Ananda Forest offers different options for accommodation. We are providing a space that is physically and energetically clean and uplifting.


Apart from your selected accommodation, you have access to the beautiful shared living area and gardens.


The cabin and glamping tent(s) have all the necessary items provided: a comfortable bed, sheets, blankets, pillows, closets, towel, etc.

Your Teachers

These two friends and devoted yoginis, who have been traveling the world sharing yoga, are wholeheartedly passionate about yoga and women's retreats. They are overjoyed to extend an invitation to join them on this enchanting retreat, where we can collectively embrace the essence of femininity and indulge in practices that nurture both body and soul.


Krissy Merrit

Yogini / Meditator / Goddess/ Certified by Yoga Alliance


Paulina Gostomski

Yogini / Meditator / Goddess

/ Certified by Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500HR

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 15.07.52.png

The Cuisine

Food on a plate

Let food be your medicine!

All meals are included and prepared with great care. We serve healthy, delicious, nutritious, and well-balanced vegan meals (an option for eggs may be available). The ingredients are locally-sourced, where possible organic and home-grown when available. Resulting in nutritious raw, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

Our chef will show you how to give yourself what you are craving, without giving in to unhealthy habits. For example, sharing delicious raw cake recipes and healthy raw chocolate and probiotic foods.

We are happy to accommodate the needs of guests with allergies to particular foods and often prepare gluten and dairy-free meals – all served with love!

We can see this retreat as a wonderfully gentle way to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, your body will be renewed in several ways. Please write to us if you have any special needs so that our chefs can take care of.

Practical Information

Hand in jnana mudra
  • When:  
    August 15 – August 19, 2024


  • Price:  €600

           Private glamping tent

          Shared glamping tent (2 people max) or
          Shared cabin (3 people max) 
          Camping with own tent & bedding or sleeping bag

  • Includes:
    3 vegan meals a day & tea and fruit at any time, 5 days of classes and workshops, 4 nights of accommodation, pick-up and drop-off from Órgiva busstop

  • Language:


Amidst nature's embrace, women gather near, naked in nature, shedding every fear. Heart to womb, soul to earth, we align in the sisterhood of spirits, divine.


Yoga's flow, like rivers, we sway and bend, Meditation's dance, our souls ascend.


Bound by freedom, in this sacred space, nourished by nature's embrace. Together we bloom, like flowers in the sun, In this women's retreat, we are one. Naked, vulnerable, yet strong. In yoga and meditation, we belong.

Application Form

What a delight to hear you plan to join this retreat! Fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you very soon.

Jay Ma!

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