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Cacao infused dance and yoga Retreat

05 - 09 July, 2024

Ananda Forest, Spain

We invite you to unite in the essence of life and to experience the flavors and beauty of life to the fullest and purest through yoga, meditation, soundhealing, cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance


This retreat is a beautiful blend of different types of healing modalities:

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Sound Healing

  • Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Cacao Ceremony

Each day of this retreat will be an invitation for you to dive deeper into the world of healing powers. You get the chance to reconnect with your inner strength and touch your soul’s essence.

The benefits of this retreat are countless. Going from calming down the mind and balancing out the nervous system to energizing your whole body and elevating your Spirit.

In this retreat, our mission is to co create a deep sense of harmony, peace and joy, within a nurturing and secure space.

Everyone is encouraged to grow and evolve as a human sentient being, as we merge the transformative energies of yoga, meditation, sound healing, massage, aromatherapy, cacao ceremony and dance under the guidance of experienced and passionate facilitators.

What to expect

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative power of ecstatic dance, yoga and soundhealing

  • Experience the heart medicine of cacao

  • Experience boundless joy through meditation, sharing circles, and soulful melodies 

  • Embrace both peaks of ecstasy and depths of introspection with open hearts.

  • Welcome your joy and pain as one, in a safely held and beautiful space

  • Delve into self-discovery and growth amidst the highest of camping in a beautiful natural setting

  • Wake up to the symphony of bird songs and the serenity of nature's embrace

  • Join us on a journey towards authenticity, unity, and connection with the world around us

Meet The Team



Ananda Forest offers different options for accommodation. We are providing a space that is physically and energetically clean and uplifting. Nestled in the heart of nature, Ananda Forest reconnects us to our roots and to the natural beauty of life.


Apart from your selected accommodation, you have access to the beautiful shared living area, an amazing temple space, and gardens spread out over 1,5hectare of prestine land.


The cabin and glamping tent(s) have all the necessary items provided: a comfortable bed, sheets, blankets, pillows, closets, towel, etc.


 DAY 1 - Arrival day (Friday - 05/07)

2pm: Welcome to arrive on your own time and to create your cosy nest
6pm​: Dinner
8pm: Sharing Circle
9pm: Sound Healing


 DAY 2 - Planting the Seeds (Saturday - 06/07)

7:30am: Silent Meditation
8am: Hatha Yoga
10am : Breakfast
11am : Aromatherapy + Nature Walk
1pm: Lunch
3pm: Massage
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Yin Yoga + Meditation

DAY 3 - Blossoming of the Heart (Sunday 07/07)

7:30am: Silent Meditation
8am: Hatha Yoga
10am : Light Breakfast
11am : Cacao Ceremony + Ecstatic Dance
3pm: Lunch
4pm: Free time / Nature excursion (optional)
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Sharing Circle + Sound Healing

DAY 4 - Harvesting the Fruits of Life (Monday 08/07)

7:30am : Silent Meditation
8am : Hatha Yoga
10am : Breakfast
11am: Sensual Dance
1pm: Lunch
3pm: Free time / Nature excursion (optional)
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Yin Yoga + Sound Healing

DAY 5 - Departure Day (Tuesday - 09/07)

7:30am : Silent Meditation
8am : Hatha Yoga
10am : Breakfast
11am : Sharing Circle
Noon : Departure


Special discount: 250 euros

Included: all vegan meals, pick up from Orgiva bus stop, all classes/workshops/ceremonies, camping spot.

Not included in price:

Transport to Orgiva 

Optional massage, or upgrade in accommodation

Extra optional costs:

€100 : private tent, or a bed in dormitory shared by 3 people, or a bed in a double belltent
€150 : private deluxe belltent

May the sacred tremor of the heart awaken our body and soul!
With love and see you on the other side:)!


Ananda Forest, Orgiva, Spain

Application Form

Fill out the form below and we will soon get in contact with you 

Om nama Shivaya

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