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Our Retreat Center

After years of travelling, Amaratva Yoga found it's home in Ananda Forest. A place to call your home during your yoga journey.  

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Living in harmony with nature around and within

You are invited to come to the supportive and beautiful land of Ananda Forest.


We have the vision to create a space that feels like home for everybody who comes. It is a safe space for transformation, inner discovery and to connect with the Essence of our Being. 

Feel free to join us for:

  • Integral Hatha Yoga retreats and courses

  • Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • Meditation: Self inquiry and other practices

  • Sustainability and permaculture

  • Organizing your own retreat 

Parents and their baby girl

Yoga retreats and courses

Ananda Forest hosts various yoga retreats and courses, either organized by Amaratva Yoga or other yoga schools. Have a look at our upcoming retreats to see if there's something for you. 

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Yoga Teacher Trainings

Are you aspiring to become a yoga teacher? Or would you like to intensively deepen your own yoga practice? Come join one of our yoga Teacher Trainings!


Meditation is an integral part of our retreats, trainings, and lives. In our eyes, yoga and meditation always go together. Are you curious about how meditation and yoga are inseperable? You can read about it in our blog about the 8 limbs of Yoga. 

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Sustainability and permaculture

We love Ananda Forest and we love Mother Earth. We don't see another option than take good care of it. In Ananda Forest, therefore, you will find compost toilets, biodegradable products and all used water flows back to the land. We also have an ever-growing permaculture vegetable garden. 

Organize your own retreat

Offer your own retreat at the wonderful land of Ananda Forest. We provide you with:

  • magical temple, our yoga hall 

  • Comfortable accommodation

  • Beautiful gardens and naturally good energy

  • A kitchen, and optional fresh and nourishing meals


We offer very affordable prices, starting from €175,- a day. Contact us for more details if you are interested in offering your own retreat.

“As great as the infinite space beyond, is the space within the lotus of the heart.” 

– The Chandogya Upanishad

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