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Ananda Forest

Immerse yourself in nature and feel at home


Ananda Forest

Ananda Forest is located on a 1,5 hectare land close to Orgiva (Southern Spain), while also being very private and secluded. The land is home to many ancient olive trees, fruit trees, birds, wild animals, and has an incredible beauty and power to reconnect us to nature.
It is a place to come home to your true essence. Ananda forest exists out of several beautiful terraces, each one having its own character and energy.

From the top of the land, you can enjoy stunning views over the mountains. From the bottom of the land you can feel nestled in a valley, as if you are in the womb of mother earth, while you can enjoy unwinding in a comfortable hammock, or enjoying the many patios and gardens. And in the middle of the land we have a wooden octagonal temple/yoga hall waiting to welcome people for deep transformational healing, and blissful yoga sessions and meditations.



Regardless of the accommodation you book with us, you can always make use of all the communal gardens and patios, and the communal cabin.


You are invited to pitch up your tent on the lower terrace in the shade of one of the many ancient olive trees. If you bring your own tent, we kindly ask you to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.


Private Tent Set-up

If you choose to stay in a set-up tent, we will provide you with a mattress, blanket, sheets, and towel. Enjoy the sweet combination of natural comfort, and simplicity.


Shared Cabin

(Maximum 3 people)


Our cozy wooden cabin is surrounded by flowers, an ancient olive tree and a spacious beautiful patio. Enjoy sleeping close to nature, but with all the necessary modern comfort (included your own fridge). We will provide you with a bed, blanket, sheets, and towel.

Shared or private Belltent

(Maximum 2 people)

Sleeping close to the earth, with the energy of a round structure is incredible. Our bell tent has a diameter of 4m and feels very spacious. We will provide you with a bed, blanket, sheets, and towel.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions or requests. We will get in touch with you within one working day.

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