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Yoga and Meditation Retreat
-Embodied Beingness-

December 27-30, 2022
In Akasha retreat center - Belgium

  • An incredible retreat center, located in a picturesque old nun-monastery

  • Various meditation practices: breath awareness, Self-enquiry, dancing meditation, walking meditation, and Yogic Sleep meditation

  • Daily and in-depth Integral Hatha yoga

  • Sharing circles and authentic relations

  • Healthy and delicious food


    Being supported by a beautiful community

  • Experienced and dedicated teachers

If you are seeking freedom and fulfillment through the path of yoga, you have come to the right place!

Are you looking forward to connecting deeper to the essence of your being

through a deep dive into body, mind, and Spirit? This retreat is about rediscovering our inner center,

moment to moment, living in awareness, with enthusiasm, curiosity, and joy

while deepening our Yoga and meditation practice. 

Christmas and New Year are times of connection and celebration. Yet, the only way we can truly connect to others

is to feel connected to ourselves. The daily yoga practices in this retreat will allow us to feel energized,

free and open and to embody awareness. Through meditation, we transform and channel our often distracted minds into awareness

of the present moment and ultimately, of that what we truly are! Magic happens when we realize that what we are seeking,

we already have and already are! Plugging out of our digital reality, work expectations, roles, and masks

allows us to rediscover the infinite space and potential we have. 

During the retreat, we will explore and experience different types of meditation, both active and contemplative (seated).

Daily Integral Hatha yoga practice are moments of intimacy with ourselves and finding alignment in body,

breath and mind, aligning us with the forces of the Cosmos. 

Another central pillar of this retreat is to authentically relate with others, a true joy and self-reflection.

In different ways, we are all looking for authenticity, connection, and a feeling of family, a tribe.

We will explore this dynamic through various practices and sharing circles.

Teachers: Floris & Paulina

Floris and Paulina (Low Res)-94.jpg
1 Februari.jpg

DAY 1 Tuesday 27/12

15-16h: Arrival 

16h30-18h30: Meditation and/or Yoga Practice

18h30: Dinner


DAY 2 Wednesday 28/12

7h30-9h30: Integral Hatha Yoga and Pranayama

9h30: Breakfast

12h-13h: Workshop/Sharing Circle

13h30: Lunch

16h30-18h30: Yoga Ecstatic Dance

18h30: Dinner

20h-21h: Meditation

DAY 3 Thursday 29/12

7h30-9h30: Integral Hatha Yoga and Pranayama

9h30: Breakfast

12h-13h30: Workshop/Sharing Circle

16h30-18h30: Meditation and/or Yoga Practice

18h30: Dinner

20h-21h: Dance

DAY 4 Friday 30/12

7h30-9h30: Integral Hatha Yoga and Pranayama

9h30: Breakfast

12h-13h: Closing Circle and sharing

13h30: Lunch

15h: Check-out



  • 3 delicious, vegan meals a day

  • Tea and fruit at any time

  • Accommodation


All meals are included and prepared with great care. We use organic ingredients and serve healthy, delicious, nutritious and well-balanced vegan meals. Let food be your medicine. Our cooks will be available to share their secrets with you upon request.

  • Dates: 27th to 30th of December 2022

  • Prices (all included):

    • Dormitory: €350

    • Triple White Room (with 3 separate beds): €375

    • Single (green) Room with shared bathroom: €450

    • Private Cocoon Room with private bathroom: €500

  • For more info about our accommodation here

  • Contact us if you have any further questions:

Practical information

Reservations and inquiries

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