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Gentle Hatha Flow on ZOOM

Every Thursday from 4-6pm (CET)

What is Gentle Hatha Flow?

As the title explains it is a gentle class on the body with some soft fluid movements and stretching. There are a few moments of stillness. These short pauses are the perfect opportunity for the mind to rest and for acknowledging that infinite background of stillness which is ever present. There is also a constant awareness of the breath, whether it is together with the movement or natural. The breath being a powerful, simple and very effective tool to bring the mind into the Now.

Gentle Hatha Yoga is mostly about the approach. The approach of kindness towards our bodies. Remembering that its the only one we have! Our bodies have a natural intelligence. The deeper we go with our practice the more we can understand and trust in this innate ability. 

Yoga in general should never be a competition with ourselves or anyone else. Yoga is for everyone of all ages and walks of life. Nowadays there are so many wonderful adaptations to the practice. Although it is easier said than done, drop all expectations, all thoughts of past, future, and now. During the practice remember that there is nothing to reach, nowhere to go, and that the journey is the destination.


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