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“The light in me bows to the same light within you.”

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Floris Adriaenssens

Yogi / Meditator / Co-Founder

Certified by Yoga Alliance

I started my yoga practice in Belgium in 2008. Through a continuous practice, I discovered the deep transformation and purification on all levels that it has brought and continues to bring. Since I met Paulina in 2011, I have been living mostly in yoga ashrams, communities and schools in Mexico, India, Spain and France.


I have been teaching over the last years more than 10 yoga teacher trainings, as well as many other retreats, courses and classes. I learned yoga from different teachers and traditions, being mainly influenced by Bihar school of yoga and completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings in Mexico and India.


My mission in yoga is to bring the knowledge of these different yoga traditions together while keeping true to the original spirit and essence of Yoga. Apart from yoga, my passions and joys are found in travelling, hiking, nature and gardening.


Paulina Gostomski

Yogi / Meditator / Co-founder

Certified by Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500HR

My curiosity towards yoga started as a physical exercise around 2003. However, everything shifted when I did my first 10-Day silent retreat in 2011. Since then yoga, in all its facets, is at the very core of my life and all else revolves around it. I have participated in and taught many silent meditation retreats, yoga modules, yoga teacher training courses and workshops in Mexico and Europe.

I love to share the depth and light that meditation and yoga have brought into my life. What keeps me enthusiastic is to see the transformation and peace that this way of life brings to people from all walks of life.


I have studied with many different teachers, took two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, and in 2017,  I completed the 500-hour Hridaya Teacher Training Course. After moving around the globe since 2011, I now live in Europe.

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Romina Tidoni 

Yogi / Meditator /Beautiful Goddess

Certified by Yoga Alliance 200HR

I  am an Argentinian Certified Yoga Teacher since 2014. I am the co-founder of Comunidad Om Shanti Mexico and Barcelona. I have done two YTT 200 and one YTT 300 hours. 

I have been teaching in Yoga Teacher Training for the last 9 years and I have a background in dance and acting, which has helped me to tap into different layers of my personal growth and It has inspired me to be creative in her life. 

I have been in India and Nepal at different ashrams, and monasteries learning from different teachers. I am passionate about sharing Yoga Anatomy as a foremost tool for every aspiring yoga teacher.

I have been guiding Kirtans and each time I have felt more and more in love with the practice and continued to share it through the years.


"Paulina and Floris are the most thoughtful and generous people I have ever met, their knowledge and love for yoga if forever inspiring and the safety that you feel while working together with them is beyond words."

Nicole Olenskaia, 2020

"Paulina and Floris are literally 'breathing' the authentic yoga path. They radiate what they teach, and do this in such a open-hearted way. They are 110% available to support you during this Yoga Teacher Training (and beyond). For me this has been an amazing journey, filled with all the necessary tools to develop my yoga practice and skills as a teacher: alignment, sequencing, different meditation techniques, yogic philosophy, anatomy,... forever grateful for you both!"

Ilse Raps, 2020

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